I will protect you
Get you out of the ghetto
You are better than that
Listen to your heart
I will forever stand behind you
Don't go out
They will hurt you
If they mess with you, they mess with me
I will fight for you
I will give you my arms , my words , my strength , my love , my time
You are a smart girl, gorgeous ….
DANGER … I am your angel
I am forever your angel…and you will become a brave woman….
Be patient…wait…it won't take long
Don't leave
Don't waste your time drinking with strangers
I will guide you…I won't leave your side
I have your back
I will lead your steps
I will guide you out of the dark
I will whisper…put the bottle down
Alcohol makes you do things you will regret
I am your angel
Sister…I will protect you

May 9, 2013
Lindsay School
Group Poem

I will teach youth
Help those kids that are looking for love that they don't get
Getting locked up….abusive relationships…not healthy
Waiting for my mom to come home to me…
Not having to take shit from anyone…
I will get me a beautiful place…
And after all the rain…the sun will come out…
My dream will change my life…
I know it will…
I will help families find justice…
I will be independent…
I will work with kids…little kids…I will be their hero…
I will buy a car…rent a place give my mom money…
I use to be a stupid immature girl…
I have anger issues
But when I do my make up…it helps my mind escape
Ding make up…it's like drawing…super classy …beautiful…
I will be the support a women needs
And make my family proud..i am going to feel proud because I am going to get paid good…
I'm going to shop wherever I want…
People my age need help… I want to help people like me…
Writing is my passion…it's like giving eyes to the blind…
I will make good money…not depend on no one…
I won't have to ask nobody for money…because they will be asking me…
And I will have a big wedding
My dream…I have so many…
I know this dream will come true…
I will be an artist…an artist of my own life…I will make use of this gift…
I will have a house and my children will be happy…
Happiness in my house…
This is my dream…

June 27 , 2013
Lindsay School
Group Poem

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Tell them I grew up in Southeast San Diego…
With my parents and my four sisters
In a small and poor neighborhood

Tell them while I was growing up
My parents kept me inside
Away from the neighborhood activities
Being locked in so much
I would sneak out at night

Tell them that I became a victim
Of all the gang activities
That I learned to love
Tell them there was no escape

Tell them that Juan Pacheco became
A member of a gang
Tell them that I am not proud of it
But…I am thankful…
Because of all that I went through….
I learned to walk away
And become
A member of society

Tell them I am not ashamed
Tell them I spent half my life in the correctional system
From Juvenile Hall to California Youth Authority ( CYA )
From county jail to state prison….

Tell those that said " he will never make it"
Tell them …today I am a college student…City College…

Tell them…
I MADE IT !!!!

August 6, 2013
Juan Pacheco
Adult Student – Street of Dreams

I owe an apology to myself
I am sorry for what I have done
A teen mom…
I was busy worrying
If I could turn back the hands of time…

I am doing my best now…its hard
I was young…and you should not hold a grudge
My little sister…I lied to her
I know we are going through a tough situation
I promise you…we will get through it
Thank you for caring…
When I stopped caring…

My challenge is to graduate high school
My dream is to become a veterinarian

Sorry for all the shouting
I regret it

My age is 15
My challenge is to go to college
My dream is to become a psychologist

I owe an apology to myself
For thinking I'm not good enough
For hating my looks
For trying so hard
For not loving myself

Being a mother at such a young age
Not very easy
Trying to be an adult at such a young age
Not very easy

August 22, 2013
Lindsay School Group Poem

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