Street of Dreams was founded in 1998 by recording artist Teresa Gunn. A singer/songwriter and activist, Teresa has spent 30 years performing her work in clubs, theatres and colleges. Part Cabaret, part street punk, she is a graduate of the "Soho School of Modernism". The Washington Post wrote "Teresa cuts through niceties and demands real contact". The San Diego Reader has called her "one of San Diego's most important talents".

When asked to describe her development and work with Street of Dreamsshe said this: "As an artist it is my job to be the connection and help the student to realize and fall in love with the power of choice. We have choice. Make it tangible.

Song writing, poetry, spoken word performance, often the door to inspiration. When one commits word to paper, that can be art. Take that notion to a population of invisible children. Establish trust and equality. No censorship! Stand that group before an audience. Give that group a free voice to express their feelings of fear, sorrow, anger, loss, frustration, sexuality, hope, love and possibility.

When that community is guided by a fellowship of artists, teachers and caring public, shame turns to practical experience, isolation turns to communication, fear turns to artistic expression, daily life becomes a magical event, a dismal street becomes a Street of Dreams.